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2010-10-14 20:44:46 by MrPassin

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The Devil Wears Prada

2010-09-12 15:19:48 by MrPassin

The Devil Wears Prada's new EP Zombie has been released!!!
Check them out on YouTube!

Just search YouTube "The Devil Wears Prada Zombie" to listen to their songs! Awezuuuummm!

Oh, yeah, and it's been hella long since I been on Newgrounds!! Gotta check out the new stuff.


2010-07-25 23:13:44 by MrPassin

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Sssssssssssssssschoooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll llllllllll!!!!!!!!

Did you know purple?

2010-06-05 22:05:22 by MrPassin

I hate being sick. I hate whoever got me sick on the last freakin' day of school.
*sniff*... not even mah choco poodeng would cheer me up... *sob*


2010-06-02 23:51:05 by MrPassin

We keep spendin' most our lives, livin' innnnn a gangsta's paradise!

Flag this person

2010-05-26 21:33:42 by MrPassin

Everyone flag rockstar596023 for abusing the review system. Look at every single one of his reviews and you'll understand. Moron.

"fuck you" or "go kill yourself" is on every review, along with a big fat 0 for the score. What a bitch.

Ooooooooh New Guitar

2010-05-25 19:29:48 by MrPassin

I just bought this awesome used guitar, looks great (although two pretty noticeable gouges defile the pickguard)

It's a Fender Stratocaster (can't remember year, it's a 90's, though) LEFTY because I'm left-handed (duh).

Love it.

Ooooooooh New Guitar

Game Battles

2010-05-24 21:20:13 by MrPassin

I've joined Game Battles, a site for gamers to compete beyond the local leaderboards set in games.

Check out my profile here
I play COD: MW2 and Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Check out my team, COMPRESSED, here

Join the Battle! Yeah, I know, nerdy right?

Not-so-new novel is up! Originally posted on Writer's Cafe and crafted over 3 years is the beginning of a new fantasy: The Prophecies of Aeren.

The Prologue thru Chapter 2 has been posted. (Prologue, Ch. 1 and Ch. 2 are earlier creations of mine, with almost no experience at writing. They are good, but don't expect Paolini out of me)

View the new novel here
View the Prologue thru Chapter 5 here (This link takes you to the Writer's Cafe website)

Are YOU a cop hater?

2010-05-20 19:13:20 by MrPassin

I got news for you.

I know a lot of cops. I hear that being in the force is like high school all over again. You get the jerks, but you also get the good guys.

You say you see "police brutality" all of the time. I believe it. I know of one where a suspect attempted to run over a standing cop and was caught and beaten unnecessarily. Imagine the adrenaline! Imagine that standing cop to be your friend. How would you feel?

But, with other beatings, it'll happen with the corrupted. NO ONE IS PERFECT. Including police officers. The only reason we see so much bad in them is because they're the only people we LOOK AT and point fingers at. You don't do that to the local UPS man, right?

If you feel so hateful, go live in Afghanistan. Have fun. When your baby sister is raped and murdered, try calling 911.
Before throwing out your facts, try thinking through both sides first.

(This is a copied post of mine from Facebook, against cop-hating posts)

I just felt so torqued after reading all the BS these cop-haters post, it's completely biased. They just want to throw out the facts without looking things through.
Pisses. Me. Off.

Also, another post from that discussion, made by another person: "One of my friends was a cop, and he saved my ass. He died to save me. Hope you all have fun laughing at my dead friend."

Think about that before you embed a Youtube vid hating cops.